BEYOND MIND Annotated





8/31/2018:  Added  PRECIOUS GEMS ONE, a compilation of 1800 of the best quotes from the Beyond Imagination expression, categorized by topic with topics arranged in alphabetical order.  For each quote, the year in which the quote came forth is included.  You might consider this to be the short version of our resume.  The topics cover a wide range and the quotes can be profound.  Hopefully, this will move you to explore more of what we have to offer, and perhaps even encourage you to create such works of your own.


8/28/2018:  Added BISPIRIT INTENSIVES.  This is our first offering of an awareness workshop based on a practical application of the wisdom-class information that we have captured here over the course of the past quarter century.  We believe that this has placed us in a position of providing a valuable service.  How valuable is for you to assess.  The material at this site is our resume if you will.  If it is not sufficient for you to decide that our services are right for you, so be it.  We wish you the best on whatever path is yours to follow.  However, if you do choose to partake of our intensives, we look forward to the opportunity to share all that we are and all that we know to the degree that we can.  NAMASTE!


With the exception of the GIFT for 2013, the "price" for consuming each of the following works is one hour of your gifts used to serve others outside of your immediate family.  Who you serve, and how you serve them is up to YOU.  However, we hope that you consider it your sacred duty to "pay it forward".  THANK YOU for honoring this commitment.  In so doing, we create a more KIND and LOVING WORLD for all of us.  If you download our works, please do not forward them to others unless you include this paragraph.  We would prefer that you point others to this site and allow them to experience whatever parts of our work they choose.

6/24/2016:  Our latest work is recovering the early Beyond Imagination website that served us for nearly 20 years.  Our website host made some changes that necessitated the move.  Unfortunately, in the early days we hardcoded many of our links rather than making them relative.  Another lesson learned.  Any way, we had been putting it off for far too long.  As it turned out, it only took about one day of work to convert things and check the resulting functionality.  It may not be perfect yet, but we think we have the 95 percent solution.  Though, we did not check the external links to sites/pages other than our own.  Anyway, ENJOY.  We think that seeing how the Beyond Imagination site has evolved over the past 23 years will provide a useful perspective.  We built the Beyond Imagination website in the summer of 1995 to share the metaphysical expression that had come through us.  The WWW was much different then.  Indeed, personal web pages were rare, and the web content was but a very small fraction of what it is today.


GIFT for 2013

























This is the image that we have chosen to represent the BISPIRIT Organization.  It is a balance of feminine and masculine energy captured in two triangles that form a Star of David, the symbol for community.  Clearly, the image is spiritual in nature.  Yes, it is focused on eastern spirituality.  That is an artifact of these disciplines feeling the most natural to us.  Anyway, it is here that we start.  Whether we continue to focus in this manner remains to be seen.  We are open to other perspectives ... especially those that are inclusive and accept the validity of other paths.  Long ago, we recognized that our path was only one path.  We have found it useful to adopt what works from whatever paths we are moved to explore.


We are a spiritual / metaphysical organization whose purpose is to create the foundations for a new world in which spirit can more fully express in flesh.  In April 2013, we started the outward manifestation of this endeavor.  In this phase, we hope to find others to join our endeavor that can be as PASSIONATE about this as we are.  We believe that the potential is great for us to succeed in our mission and do things that truly make a difference in the world.  Part of this is to create a spiritual community ... partially on-line and partially in flesh.  We would mutually encourage one another to be the best that we can be, and we would team together to do various projects that result in works and services that are beyond anything that we could have created alone.


This particular site, BISPIRIT.ORG, is where we would offer our services to the world.  It will grow as our organization grows and generates its own works and services.  Our intent is to make a great difference not only in the lives of our members, but in the lives of others through the works and services that we provide.  We have no doubt that we will succeed in this.  Indeed, we believe that it is destined.  It is just a matter of when.  The only time in which anything can happen is NOW.  So, it is here that we start.  Once again, it is with a website ... or more correctly a group of websites.  As usual, we go with the flow and follow wherever spirit takes us.  We know that is precisely where we need to be.  It is a matter of allowing things to unfold as they will ... a matter of allowing spirit to express through us as only she can do.


Here we are over four years later, on 12 June 2017, and we are still an organization of ONE.  That surprises us now even more than it did then.


One thing that has changed is that we would offer our picture quote services (see 12/25/2013 entry below) without many of the constraints that we placed on these works before. We would drop the cost to $6,000, leaving the topics, quotes, and picture quote inputs the same.  However, we would deliver the work directly to the sponsor for distribution as they see fit.  If they choose to allow us to post the work at BISPIRIT, that is fine.  But, it is no longer a requirement.  The nature of these works is such that copyrighting and sale of the picture quote works is problematic.  It is far too difficult to track down the authors of the quotes and the artists who generated the graphics to go with them.  However, charging for the time it takes me to transform the collection of raw picture quotes into what I consider to be a creative work of art in its own right seems both reasonable and fair.  Indeed, in many ways the value of these works far exceeds the value of anything I am paid to do out work.  If you desire to have one of these works done:


You are free to choose:

Topics (up to three)
People (up to three)
Specific Picture Quotes that you want us to include (up to 25)
Specific Quotes that you want us to include (up to 100)

We will CREATE the work in whatever manner SPIRIT moves us.  We truly consider these latest works to be true works of art that embody and convey important truths and wisdom.


Send your order to preferably with material above in a single MS Word or HTML file along with two payments of $3,000.  We will deposit the first when we begin the work and the second when we complete it.


Your patronage is greatly appreciated.  It will enable us to bring the BISPIRIT message and services to the world.  Or, at least to a much larger audience then we have yet reached.


Another thing that has changed is that the inner drive to reach out to others has intensified greatl For one who is primarily a hermit, that is an interesting urge to deal with.  We still long to find kindred spirits.  But, the longing is no longer as intense as it used to be. Part of that comes from an acceptance that the few people in our life for whom this applies may be it.  When we say few, we mean that we can count them on one hand and have fingers left over.  Yes, such is how well we have lived our hermit role. That doe not mean that we don't have things to say.  Indeed, SPIRIT has brought forth many volumes of works through us.  We expect that we continue throughout the remainder of our days.


If you find any of this of value, you can help us greatly by spreading the word to others that you feel might benefit as well.  Our limited circle of acquaintances does not permit us to do that, at least not well.


You might also consider becoming a BISPIRIT member. All that it requires is a tithe (4 hours/week) of your time in service to others. We understand that many of you are busy and already have many demands on your time, especially if you have a family and kids. But, we are only talking an average of 34 minutes per day. Further, there is nothing that precludes multitasking as you provide this service. If you decide to do it, and make it a priority, IT WILL HAPPEN. Further, it will result in positive changes that are far greater than you could imagine.



At this point, as of 24 May 2013, we are still an organization of one.  No, that does not make for much of an organization.  But, the seed has been planted.  Now, it is a matter of allowing it to grow and nurturing it when it is in need of such.  If others are meant to join our endeavor, they will find us and will be moved to join.  We would have them do this of their own free will.  In some respect organizations are no different than organisms, except for the nature of their constituent parts.  Just as the acorn has all that is necessary for it to grow into a mighty oak ... so the seed of BISPIRIT contains within it all that it needs to grow into what it is meant to become.  That we don't know what that is at this time does not matter.  We are happy to allow it to unfold as it will.  In some respects, this is our baby.  We are interested in fostering it to grow into whatever it would be.  What makes us qualified to do this?  Our only children to date have been the written works that have come from our consciousness.  Yet, somehow, we know that we have what it takes to do this.  The key is to remember that it is spirit doing this through us and she knows everything necessary for this to succeed.


One of our "services" is the GIFT for 2013 that is identified above.  Our hope is that it triggers something in YOU that would result in creative "services" that you in turn might share with others.  We don't ask for you to be like us.  But, we do ask for you to BE YOU and SHARE that to whatever degree you can.  As you should be able to tell by now, this is what we are passionate about.


10/20/2013:  We finished another BISPIRIT work.  This one is focused on the celebration of the Divine Feminine.   We hope that the experience of reading it will move YOU as much as the experience of creating it did us.  Yes, that makes two works in a row that have incorporated extensive graphics.  That seems to bring the works ALIVE in ways that words alone are unable to convey.  Follow the Raising Ecstasy link above to partake of this latest work.


12/1/2013:  Another BISPIRIT work completed.  This time it is focused on a Transcendental Journey as seen largely through some of the quotes of Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Our sense is that this way of generating works may be one that we employ for a while.  It is different than bringing forth only words.  That is OK.  Different is good.  We never know where spirit is going to take us.


12/6/2013:  It seems that we are on a roll.  We completed another BISPIRIT work yesterday.  This time one that we call:  A BUDDHIST PERSPECTIVE:  The Way and The Path, Happiness, and Compassion.  We surprised ourself.  We did not begin the work until 12/1 and completed it within five days.   Enjoy!  And, as usual, feedback is appreciated.


12/11/2013:  This is unexpected.  Here we are only five days after posting our last BISPIRIT work and we are already posting another one that we call:  EINSTEIN QUOTES.  Considering that we began the work on Sunday, this one only took 4 days,  Hopefully you will enjoy experiencing it as much as we enjoyed creating it!  Once again, we invite any feedback that you might care to provide.


12/12/2013:  Here we are approaching the middle of December of 2013.  BISPIRIT was launched eight months ago.  We are still an organization of one.  Back in April, we had such high hopes that this action was going to bring some society into our life ... and particularly in this spiritual work.  Yet, no one other than me has made the commitment of a tithe of time (4 hours per week) to become a member of BISPIRIT.  Our personal commitment averages over 20 hours per week equals over five tithes.  At this point, it is not clear if or when this might change.  Oh well, it is what it is.  We'll just have to make due with that.


12/23/2013:  Yes, we did it again.  We completed a new work that we call ON WISDOM today.  We started it on 12/16 and a few days ago had set a goal to finish it on 12/29.  Clearly that was not to be.  Instead, we literally completed it from start to finish in ONE week.    This is a sample of what we can do.  If only we had the opportunity to focus on doing what we LOVE on a full time basis.  Though, while that may be difficult to imagine; just look at the four works that we have already completed this months.  And, there is still a week left in December, even if we take Xmas day off.  Though, we have to wonder at what point enough is enough.  Our sense is that we will never reach such a point.  Anyway ... MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a MAGICAL NEW YEAR in 2014.


12/25/2013:  As you can tell by now, we give a lot to this endeavor personally.  The works that we have completed this December alone are a testament to that.  We desire to take this to a whole new level.  We are seeking sponsors for our works, either the ones that we have completed and posted in December 2013, or any new ones that we might create in 2014.


The cost is $10,000 to sponsor a work.   Unfortunately, it is not tax-deductable.  We haven't figured out how to make that happen yet.  [If there is a lawyer that might be able to help make BISPIRIT an non-profit educational / spiritual organization as part of their tithe, that is something that we would love to see happen.  It would allow whatever financial resources we receive to go much further.]

We will acknowledge your sponsorship in a way that is fair and mutually beneficial.

Works sponsored belong solely to BISPIRIT, and will be posted openly.  As with most BISPIRIT works, the suggested value is one hour of time in service to others.  We expect those who consume our works to PAY IT FORWARD.  That provides the potential for unleashing resources that can potential do great good.

If you sponsor a NEW work, you are free to choose:

Topics (up to three)
People (up to three)
Specific Picture Quotes that you want us to include (up to 25)
Specific Quotes that you want us to include (up to 100)

We will CREATE the work in whatever manner SPIRIT moves us.  We truly consider these latest works to be true works of art that embody and convey important truths and wisdom.

We will consider the payment as part of your tithe for BISPIRIT membership

 -  If you make over $50 per hour, it covers the part of 200 hours per year that equals $10,000.  For instance, at $100 per hour, it covers 100 hours or half of the tithe.

 -  If you make less than $50 per hour, it covers one year plus whatever hours are above 200 to be applied as you choose to future years.  For instance, at $40 per hour, it covers 250 hours equals 1 years tithe plus 1/4 of the next years tithe.


If you are moved by what we DO, by the works that we CREATE and SHARE, and have the financial resources and inclination to sponsor our works ... PLEASE choose to do so.  We never know what SPIRIT will bring forth and who might benefit from it.

NOTE:  As of 7/4/2014, no one has chosen to take us up on this.  Hmm ... I wonder what that is meant to tell us.  Oh well, such is life.


Also, if it interests you, please JOIN US in taking BISPIRIT to a whole new level in this coming year.  We look forward to interacting with YOU.  Indeed, we would like to explore the co-creation of works with multiple people contributing based on their own viewpoints and perspectives.  We have over 20 years of works that demonstrate what SPIRIT can do through Wayne.  It is time to step beyond that and see what SPIRIT can create via a team of people cooperating together.  Clearly, that is not something that we can done alone, not something that we can do as a hermit.  So, if YOU are moved to do something like this as well ... this is your INVITATION.  Do contact us so that we can work out what we can do together.


12/27/2013:  Another work completed.  How we wish that we could make our living do this.  The entry for Xmas above explains how you might be able to help us do that.  Our topic for this work is HELEN KELLER.  She was an amazing lady.  The quotes that we selected demonstrate that she possesed a degree of wisdom that places her among the great souls that have inspired and served many in the course of their lives.  In her case, her life and her words live on and will continue to impact many generations to come.


01/01/2014:  WOW!  We finished our latest work ON SPIRITUAL LAWS.  We believe that it is our BEST WORK ever.  At this point, we do not know what is to come next.  We have had so many realizations in the past two days that our entire world has been transformed into something completely NEW ... something that is truly BEYOND IMAGINATION.  We find it interesting that this can be the case even though we are so ALONE.  112  ONE.  How interesting.  In many ways, our life is more solitary than it has ever been at a time when there is so much that we desire to share.  We hope our latest work will motivate you to become part of the BISPIRIT endeavor.  But, only YOU can decide whether that is right for YOU.  NAMASTE!  ENJOY!


01/19/2014:  Yes, we completed our latest work ON LIFE today.  Let's see, it is 1/19 or 9:11 in reverse.  It is also a 1 + 19 = 20 day in a 20 + 14 = 34 year for a total of 54, the number for LOVE and as 6 x 9 = The Community of 9:The Hermit.  That is the LIFE, the WORLD that I would create.  To some degree, that is what I presently experience.  But, there are few that I relate to closely with respect to the spiritual world that consumes my PASSION.  Oh well, with BISPIRIT, we were hoping to change that ... to grow our personal spiritual world into one that encompassed a community.  Here we are nine months later, with an abundance of expression at the BISPIRIT site but with no one that has expressed an interest in joining our endeavor by becoming a member.  That is NOT what I expected.  But then, I am OK with whatever SPIRIT has in mind for all of this.  My job is to do what I am moved to do to the best of my ability.  This particular work is another testament to that.  ENJOY!  NAMASTE!


01/28/2014:  What can we say ... we are PASSIONATE about what we do here.  Our latest work is ON EDUCATION.  Once again, we finished it several days early.  We are still waiting for a response to our action to create the BISPIRIT family of sites just over nine months ago.  We were hoping to have attracted members to our endeavor by now.  Oh well.  Until SPIRIT moves us to do otherwise, we will continue to express as we do.  NAMASTE!  ENJOY!


02/05/2014:   Well, another week, another major work ... this time on another topic that we are truly PASSIONATE about.  Here, we completed ON CONSCIOUSNESS during a week when we were in the midst of a major spiritual awakening.  Hopefully, something about the nature of that experience is captured in the work.  We are curious as to how it impacts YOU.  NAMASTE!  ENJOY!  I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE!  There is only ONE SPIRIT, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS!

04/13/2014:   It is not clear why there was a two month break in creating these works.   But, there was.  This time, we completed ON LOVE.  It is shorter than many of our other works.  However, it is an important work nonetheless.  We were surprised at how few picture quotes dealt with unconditional love.  Perhaps it is a matter of how we searched.  Anyway, ENJOY!  I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE!  LOVE!

04/26/2014:  Yes, we finished another one.  This time without a break.  We would have completed it sooner but it was a very busy week at work.  Not that we are offering any excuses.  It seems that these works are completed on their own timetable.  In our life, that seems to be determined by Spirit herself.  Anyway, this one is ON IMAGINATION.  We hope that it moves you deeply and is of utility in your life.  That is all that we can ask of our creations.  ENJOY!  The Spirit that expresses and experiences through me is the same as the one that expresses and experiences through you.  We are truly ONE!  It can be no other way despite what may seem to be.

05/13/2014:  It seems that we are back on approximately three week centers for completion of new works.  Though, this particular work ON FRIENDS only took six days to complete.  It is amazing what we can do when we are passionate about something.  In this case, this work addresses a topic that I know little about personally, not from experience in this lifetime anyway.  But, that is not a limitation for Spirit.  Nor does it have to be a limitation for us.  If you find what is expressed here not only in this work but in any of the works at Beyond Imagination or BISPIRIT, do contact us and provide feedback.  You never know where such actions might lead.  I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE!  There is only ONE, and we are that.

05/15/2014:  Yes. it is only two days later and we have finished another work.  This time, ON PASSION.  Here, we allowed the picture quotes to provide the bulk of the story.  We were not moved to provide as much commentary as we usually do.  That is OK.  We enjoy it when spirit surprises us.  Lately, she has been doing that often.  ENJOY!  Hopefully, this work will allow you to view PASSION in a whole new light.  I AM THAT I AM THAT YOU ARE!

06/09/2014:  This time it took several weeks, though only two weeks from start to finish.  Our latest work is: ON PURPOSE.  This time, we were able to include a Valedictorian Address that we gave in 1976 and a selection of quotes on the topic from the first 10 years of the Beyond Imagination expression.

06/16/2014:  Yes, another work completed.  This one, ON SANCTUARY, is much shorter than the last.  However, the topic is important nonetheless.  We hope you enjoy our latest work.  One noticeable difference in this work was the percentage of "picture quotes" we used that had no quotes.  For this work, it was as if the images that we selected conveyed things that no amount of words could adequately convey.  ENJOY!  In Peace, Love, and Light, Wayne

07/04/2014:   Wow, it is amazing to think that we began this work exactly 61 hours ago.  Yes, 61 hours to create a 61 page work.  Though, our actual investment of time over that period was closer to 20 hours.  This work, ON CREATIVE EXPRESSION, was truly a joy to create.  We did not really know what to expect.  When we found that we had selected over 120 picture quotes on 7/1, our initial estimate for completion was 7/7.  Clearly, we over-achieved once again.  Anyway, ENJOY!  Also, do what it takes to unleash the creative genius within you.  The world is a better place as a result of what YOU express.  KNOW THAT!

07/08/2014:  Yes, we completed another work already.  This time THE DRAGON MUSINGS.  These were the spoken musings of the Beyond Imagination expression that occurred from June 2009 through September 2012.  For the most part, they were capture as I was driving between my home near Palm Springs and my residence in Redondo Beach where I live during the workweek.  Approximately 400 hours of spoken expression were captured during these commutes using Dragon software.  ENJOY!  Let this be another example of how Spirit is able to express through us.  She constantly AMAZES me!

11/13/2014:  Well, it took longer than we thought it would, but we finally finished selecting best passages from THE DRAGON MUSINGS and then highlighting what we considered to be the BEST QUOTES within those passages.  We are still at 477 pages.  But, we believe that it conveys the BEST of what came forth via spoken expression during that special time.  We tried to retain sufficient passages to provide a feel for the range and nature of what was expressed.  No, it is not always profound.  And, sometimes it is repetitive.  But, it is clearly original.  ENJOY!

11/19/2014:  Completed the reader digest version ... DRAGON QUOTES ONLY.  It is down to 178 pages.  I consider it to be a work of art.  In this case, a written work of art that came forth in spoken form over the course of just under four years.  This truly is the best of the best.  I feel fortunate to have been able to bring the Dragon Musings forth and to process them in a manner to result in the likes of this.  NAMASTE!  ENJOY!

01/07/2015:  Completed the DRAGON SHORT QUOTES version.  Every quote in the work literally takes two lines or less.  This was driven by a recommendation and desire to post daily BISPIRIT quotes on some of the social media.  Further, we also formatted the file to be text to speech friendly.  This should allow you to listen to the work creating a much different experience. ... one that is closer to how we experienced it coming forth.  I still feel blessed to be able to participate in this endeavor as I do.  Anyway ENJOY!  NAMASTE!  We are curious to see where the New Year will take us ... extremely curious.

07/31/2015:  Completed another revision to the BEYOND MIND work from 1993.  Now we have annotations from 2003/2004 AND 2015.  It is interesting to see how my perspective changes as a result of 10 years of further experience and now 22 years of such experience.  Beyond Mind originally comprised the musings from their birth 3/5/1993 through the ritual of resigning my will to THY WILL on 10/1/1993.  Our hope is that experiencing this work will blow you mind as well and allow you to experience a whole new level of awareness.  ENJOY!  NAMASTE!  Yes, it has really been nearly seven months since our last posting.  Our intent is to return to our prior pace of generating new works soon.

08/05/2015:  Well, it seems that we are indeed abiding by our intent.  We began ON DESTINY exactly five days ago, and here we are already posting another completed picture quote work.  Our sense is that there could be many more on their way.  Though, only if they are destined to be created by me.  Yes, I will still be the one through whom the work is done.  But, there is something about doing it knowing that it is part of your destiny or mission that truly makes a difference.  ENJOY!  NAMASTE!

08/13/2015:  Yes, we finished another work today.  We began ON GENIUS the day after we finished our prior work, literally eight days ago.  We found this one to be both more substantial and more meaningful to us.  Also, we realized once again just how much FUN doing these picture quotes works is.  It does not hurt that as far as we can tell, these are unique works.  No one else seems to be combining picture quotes on specific topics and adding commentary on meaning from their unique perspective.  We have been doing this for over two years and have a collection of 19 such works documenting our efforts.  ENJOY!  NAMASTE!

09/04/2015:  Completed ON SOUL today.  We began it on 8/16 so, it took exactly 20 days to complete our 20th picture quotes on topic work.  This one incorporated much more related Beyond Imagination words than any of the others.  It is appropriate that this labor of LOVE by soul ON SOUL was finished in time for Labor Day weekend.   ENJOY!  NAMASTE!  And, if you like our works, please introduce them to others.  You don't have to tell us if or to whom.  We simply desire that our works get introduced to a larger audience who might potentially benefit from them.  THANK YOU!

09/15/2015:  Completed another work today.  This one, ON EXCELLENCE, took only 6 days to complete.  As of next week, the amount of free time in our life increases substantially.  It will be interesting to see how we are moved to expend that time.  We truly LOVE doing these works.  Unlike the prior one ON SOUL, we were not moved to include any prior Beyond Imagination expression in this one.  We never know what is going to come forth or how it is going to come forth.  Part of what keeps it interesting is the element of surprise.

11/04/2015:  Finally completed another work.  This one, ON AWARENESS.  It is unlike anything that I have ever done before.  In the middle of doing the work, there was a 30 day period when I was locked out of my computer and unable to make any progress at all.  My sense is that this is the final ON XXX work.  It is #22.  That completes the Major Arcana.  Where we go from here, we simply do not know.  We are curious and excited about what lies ahead.  There is a strong sense that a huge transition occurred over the past two months.  As a result, our reality and the very reality of the WORLD are NOT what they were even as little as two weeks ago.   ENJOY!  NAMASTE!  Find your PASSION and LIVE IT!


Your feedback is encouraged and appreciated!

You can reach us at: